I am Assyrian American. I became American citizen in 1999 in California, where I started my life in US. I wanted to become Artist since highschool. There were time in my life I use to dream of painting like the old Masters, see the world and bound with the global cultures. I left home (Northen Iran, the fertile cresent area, home to the Assyrian) at the very young age and end up in Italy, the heart of Renaissance. I Immediatley felt in love with Italy. I learned Italian, bounded with people and learned about the old masters art. In two years time, Italy was an eye opening country for me. In 1982 destiny took me to beautiful Holland, the home of great Rembrandt, Dutch masters and incredible culture. I bounded with Dutch culture also and learned Dutch as well. I loved my life in Holland. In 1984 I came to USA and also felt in love with the massive country and divers American culture. After exploring Ca and other parts of Country, I found me a home in Taos New Mexico. I got enrolled at UNM Taos, received my BA in Art studio. I then went to Academy Of Art University in San francisco, to learn Classical style of drawing and painting. After receiving my MFA from AAU, I returned back to Taos NM, where I live and paint. I love the small but very special diverse culture of the New Mexico.


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