My simple biography.
I am an Assyrian American and always wanted to become an artist. Despite my family's objections. I always drew and took part in art events. I use to stare at the paintings, trying to read the colors, brush strokes wondered how it was composed. I looked for color harmony in artworks.
From the age of twelve on, I knew someday I would go to art school and learn how to draw and paint.
At the age of eighteen I was able to travel to Italy. I spent two years in this country, where I learned about the Renaissance era and also was honored to see the works of the great master, the pilers of today's art. The two years in Italy were priceless, I felt in love with the realism style of painting.
After Italy, faith took me to the Netherlands for two and half years. In this country I also focused on classical style of masters like Rembrandt, Van Dyke, Va Gough etc. I copied the work of these masters latter on in my life. The experience in Italy and Holland paved my path to Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
After Europe I moved to the USA and decided to go to art school and live the life of an artist. Soon after being in America, I learned about the art community in Taos NM. In winter of 1999 I moved to Taos to be part of the art scene.
In Taos I got enrolled at UNM for a few art classes, then decided to get my BUS in art studio. Not only I bounded with Taos artist, I also emerged in culture of the enchanted land . I developed a deep relationship with the Taos mountains and the entire area. But still somethings were missing.
After Taos experience I looked into furthering my art studies by going to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
At the Academy my dreams about painting realism came through. I spent four years learning the old masters technique from some of the best working artist/ teachers in this country. After receiving my Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawings from the AAU, I moved back to Taos NM, the culture was calling me back.
In 2010 I began my life's journey as a painter and also I felt obligated to give back to the community. I have been painting and working with the young people in schools, helping them cultivating their artistic talents.


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